What is Health?

What is Health?
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

We all want it.  We sometimes work towards it.  Often we are frustrated at the lack of positive outcomes.  Modern life does not support it and it is very hard to define:  HEALTH.  

Imagine taking a road trip.  You packed your clothes, you're in your car, you have your amazing ROADTRIP22 Spotify playlist.  You begin to drive but you do not have a destination.  Where will you go?  How will you get there?  Health and Wellness is a term that I believe everyone wants.  I've never met a person that says, "Oh health and wellness, no thank you!"  But when I ask the question, "What is health to you?", I often get a blank stare.

I, unfortunately, cannot define what health looks like for YOU.  I do know that you will never obtain your version health if you do not know what it looks like in your life.  What I can do is to help you define what the best, brightest, most healthful version of YOU looks like by simply asking you a few questions.  I can tell you what health is not:

  • Simply the absence of obvious disease or symptoms
  • Taking medicine, eating fad diets or taking supplements
  • Too expensive
  • Too complicated or confusing
  • Perfect
  • Static

Health embodies our entire lives.  It is the sum of the daily goals we set and actions we take toward becoming our best and brightest self.  Let's take a journey together to figure out what healthy YOU looks like and create goals that get you closer and closer to that version of your self.  You will come to see that the best part about health is not the destination, but the beautiful and challending journey along the way.